Character Creation Rules

Eternal Lies Character Creation

The campaign starts in early 1937 in the US.

It is a dark time. Hitler and Mussolini are in power and extending their ambitions. Stalin’s enemies are being purged by trial in Russia, and there has been nearly a decade of recession in America. Unemployment is over 15% and droughts have turned the Mid-West into a dustbowl, forcing millions off the land, and leaving many starving and penniless.
It is a Trail of Cthulhu campaign, and will tend to the realistic (ish). It will include adult themes, including sex and body horror. The scope is large and high stakes, like Masks of Nyarlethotep.


Investigative: 18 points
General: 65 points

Usual build rules, except as below. I have a selection of pre-generated characters if anyone would prefer.

Credit Ratings between 2 and 5. If you want higher Credit Rating (probably Dilettante) then let me know. For each point of Credit Rating you have an occupational contact – someone friendly to you, related to your characters occupation. These don’t cost build points and are available for consultation and advice in their field, either face to face or via telegram/phone.
An Author with CR 2 might have a publisher and a librarian as contacts. The librarian could be used for advice on finding books or getting access to a library. A librarian will not be able to supply explosives or bypass a lock, though they could point you at a good reference book (and then call the police).


Usual options for characters occupations, all except Criminal. You will need a standard mix of guns, books and investigative skills. Characters that already know each other, either well or peripherally, would help, but are not essential. You can spend points on Trust in other characters if you desire.

Background & Drive

Your Drive is important, let me know what you choose and I will work with you to incorporate it and ensure it helps drive your character in the campaign.
Your Sources of Stability are used and part of the campaign. They will be needed to help restore you Stability (if you lose any of course…) and will be part of the story. They will have their time on stage, not as much as the central characters, but enough to bring them to life and flesh out their relationship with your character. Things could happen with them off screen. I will probably ask each of you to help play other characters’ source of stability.
If the extremely-thinkable happens and your main character goes insane or dies, then Sources could provide an easy entry for a replacement, particularly if your main character has been keeping them updated about their adventures. Perhaps they also share a Source of Stability, keeping most of that story going?


New York/Massachusetts area, but characters can come from anywhere, within reason. They should have personal lives, but also be able to travel.

h4. Cthulhu Mythos Knowledge

I’d prefer characters without pre-existing Mythos experience, but if you want to have one, we can work with that.

Hybrid Pulp/Purist Play Rules Mods

It is going to be a dangerous campaign, so full-on Purist mode will probably also make it quite short. Instead the writers offer, and I’m going to use, a hybrid mode. This includes some parts of Pulp (mainly around making sure Investigators survive) and some parts of Purist (mainly around not allowing Investigators to do crazy shit)

A campaign of this size is naturally going to tend somewhat to the Pulp-y. If you have any questions please ask.

  • Occupation options marked as Pulp are not available (e.g. crucifixes vs vampires, Hypnosis skill)
  • Sources of Stability are required, and you must spend time with them to recover Stability.
  • Purist mode caps on Health, Stability and Sanity are NOT in effect.
  • In general I will not reveal the Difficulty level of tests, other than to give general guidance.
  • The reducing Stability loss from repeated Mythos encounters is in effect.
  • PC’s can faint to avoid Stability loss.
  • Adventure, Duty, Revenge and Sudden Shock are available Drives
  • Bullet proof clothing is not available
  • Sub machine guns cannot fire at Full Auto
  • Investigators do not have unlimited ammo
  • There is no automatic recovery of Sanity after sessions, or from defeating the Mythos.
  • Experience Points will be available, but usually 1 point per session.

Character Creation Rules

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