Eternal Lies

A meeting in a hangar
Feb 26th, 1937

Very rough notes:

Kent Nelson, Raymond Fox, Martin Horowitz and Jefferson Phipps have been hired as investigators by Janet Winston Rogers to investigate the past life of her father, Mr Winston, recently deceased.

Meet in aircraft hangar with contents of Winston’s office arranged in centre.

Janet explains that something happened to her father in 1924, that he changed and became withdrawn, that there was a change in his character.

Signs in the office indicate a study of the occult (though nothing too overt contained in the bookshelves.

Find sheaf of letters sent by Douglas Henslow of Savannah, Georgia. Seems that though these were read, Winston did not reply to any of them.

Henslow being treated for mental health, has ups and downs, seems to have had some kind of shared hallucination involving Winston and others.

Investigators travel directly to Savannah using Fox’s plane.

Visit Henslow’s assylum first. Gain access to his personal diary.

It appears Henslow and Winston were part of a team, including Katherine Clark, Vincent Stack and Kulliman.

Interview Henslow. After convincing him that his ‘hallucination’ was in fact real he talks about the events: a barn outside Los Angeles, a cult ceremony, murder and fire, a disatrous raid and a terrible monster unleashed. Members of the team killed or disappeared into the barn.

Henslow believes a fellow inmate, Edgar Job, has been sent to keep tabs on him for the cult.

Talks about Echovaria, apparently some kind of cult leader, ‘The fisher from outside’, the thing with a thousand mouths, Golgoroth.

Raymond Fox gets attacked by another patient, who attempts to bite him. Has vision of mouth opening from a wall.

Henslow confirms existence of a journal, which was carefully hidden in the graveyard of his old family estate. While team retrieves it following his coded instuctions, an unnaturally large and peckish alligator attacks, though they manage to fend it off before it swallows too many limbs.

Other names noted down: Carruthers, Fank Hickory, George Avery


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