Eternal Lies

Savannah to LA

Sunday Feb 28th to Sat March 6th 1937

At the Henslowe estate, call for a taxi.

Currothers watches them leave, big dog at his feet.

On the way back to Savannah, the taxi driver goes over a covered bridge, then swerves. There’s a car blocking the road, and 5 thugs standing in a circle, holding clubs and metal bars.
They seem to be a mix of Asian and white, all covered in tattoos. Jeffereson recognises some of the tattoo’s as from south-east Asia – maybe Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam.

The brutes smash the front window, the taxi driver gets out and runs. Fox is in the front and slides over to the drivers seat, Martin climbs into the front. Various people draw guns, Fox crunches the taxi into reverse and floors it. Thugs beat the taxi driver.

Shots shatter the windscreen, main thug throws a note into the window,
Fox steers the car back over the covered bridge,

Back in Savannah Fox reports the incident to the police, the others get a hotel and supplies for the long journey.

They use the hotel phone to call their families and friends, Fox calls Janet Winston-Rogers.
Phipps calls his sister, Fox lets his group of ex Vets know. Martin speaks to Dr.Archer
Kent calls – Eric his co-worker & Mrs James his housekeeper.

Over night Fox has a strange dream about mouths.

At the plane, they hear that someone’s been asking around about them. They fly to Little Rock and then Albequeque.

On the plane, various people read and get disturbed by Henslowes’ notebook. Kent feels watched by something or someone.

Approach LA on the 26th Feb, fly over refugee camps and the big low sprawl of LA.
Land at Glendale. The ground crew point out a scratch on the plane’s outside. It looks like a mouth or an eye. They ask the team to clean and repair it.

Book into the Hollywood Roosevelt and eat dinner at the Hollywood Brown Derby.
They see there is still damage in the city from the 1933 Earthquake.

The look up the address of the First Bank of Long Beach, and Jefferson and Raymond head off down south, in a rented large car (Packard One-Twenty). They drive for hours to find the bank is broken by the earthquake, speaking to a local homeless woman they hear it’s been declared bankrupt. Check out building, see it is empty.

Martin and Kent research in library, try to find Echavarria, but there are pages of them. Can’t find farm. Start searching for large disasters/fires in August 1924.

Fox and Jefferson get back to library and find that bank records at FDIC. In the library Martin finds a copy of the Los Angeles Herald, with a story about Richard Spend buying the farm. Search for his obituary and find out about his sister. They visit her, and she’s bitter. She mentions Richard became involved in a porn thing, and used Honey?

That night Fox meets a local cop to try to get the police report on the incident at the farm and bribes him. The cop says he’ll be back Monday.

Saturday morning they all head to the FDIC offices and speak to Marv. He gives details of the Federal warehouse down in Long Beach.
The place is busy and large, they are given remit to search, and eventually find the box. Fox picks the lock and they find a coded book, a note with Echavarria and some disgusting photo’s.

All visit to get safety deposit box. Have to search warehouse. Break into it, box. Coded book of accounts, slip with names. Photo’s – OMG!



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