Eternal Lies

Come back and see me!

Episode 5: Weds 10th March 1937

Martin stays in his room, bad food poisoning.

Kent, Fox and Phipps decide to drive by Trammel’s house. It’s a large plot on an expensive road in Pasadena. Large white stucco houses, maintained lawns and quiet. Trammels house is set back, in a decent plot, with a carriage house. There’s a couple of cars parked on the drive and one parked in front of the carriage house. Fox notes down their registration numbers.

The main house has a large conservatory on the left as they face, and a grand entrance hall. Fox and Kent drive past and drop Phipps off for him to walk by.
A 4’ wall surrounds it, there are trees at the back, and behind it is a dusty, gentle slope up to another road higher up.

There’s a gardener tending the garden next door, who watches Phipps carefully as he walks past. They pick him up and drive the car around the neighbourhood and up onto the higher road. They can see down into Trammel’s estate, there’s a back patio and pool.

Two large flashy cars pull in Trammels drive and pull up at the carriage house, zoot-suited Mexicans get out. A guy with mutton chops whiskers comes out the carriage house and greets them, they enter the back door of the main house together.

They decide that Phipps will watch the house, while Fox and Kent do further investigation. Phipps makes himself comfy on the road above, with a pair of binoculars.

Fox calls Meeks and asks him to find the car registrations and any records of Samson Trammel and Captain Walker. Meeks promises to call back with info, but says Fox owes him.
Phipps is watching the house, over lunchtime delivery vans arrive with drink and food, and more flashy cars pull up and Mexicans enter the back door of the house and then leave. Staff take washing out and clean windows. Phipps can see a man come out on the 2nd floor balcony in a dressing gown for a cigarette. He stands watching the activity, then begins to play with himself and masturbates on the balcony, in full view.

Meeks calls back with details about the cars, two are registered to Samson Trammel, and the other three are registered to Mexicans living in nice parts of LA. They have criminal records, but from a few years ago, nothing recent. There’s no police record on Samson Trammel and ‘Captain’ Walker can’t be found.

Fox and Kent come back to Phipps just before sunset. They plan to sneak down to the house and take a look inside. Phipps reports that he’s seen lights and things that look like a party happening – cars arriving, guests smoking on the patio and distant music.

They wait until the early hours. Some guests have left now, the staff look to have gone to bed and there’s no-one on the patio. They have seen a couple of guards in the garden, but believe they can sneak in unseen.

They creep down the slope, hidden by trees in Trammels garden. At the bottom Phipps slides over the wall and hides in the undergrowth inside the garden. Fox comes over and makes a sound, the guard investigates and gets knocked unconscious by Phipps, who ties him up and puts on his clothes and takes his place.

Fox sneaks in round the patio, spotting a door in the conservatory and up the drainpipe to the second floor balcony. He explores the second floor rooms, finding bedrooms and bathrooms and an upstairs dining room. He hides from people moving about in a linen closet and climbs back down to the others.

They wait another hour then sneak in to the conservatory entrance. Inside is the distant sound of music and they creep from the conservatory into a library, stacked floor to ceiling with occult tomes. Kent is in his element scanning shelves and whispering. He finds several partial copies of the Revelations of Glaaki which he has only heard rumours about. He takes the cover off a cushion and begins stuffing books into it.

Fox checks the desk and finds a locked drawer, which is quickly unlocked. Inside is a rank smell and a disgusting looking book, with notes and letters stuffed in it. The Testament of the Dripping Mouth Emanates. Kent stuffs that into the cushion cover too. There’s a door with light coming under it to the main hall. They drop the books back over the garden wall and then open that door. The main hall is quiet, but music is coming from the door under the stairs. They sneak over and down into the cellar.

There’s a large room, not on the floorplans, with chairs and books and another door. The door leads to a storage room filled with junk, but they notice a patch of wall panelling a different colour, and it opens up to reveal a small passage with another door. The music is much louder, and there’s a strong smell of cut grass or moss. They draw guns and Phipps pushes the door open.

He sees a table laden with food and drinks, and a gramophone playing Mexican sounding music. There’s a door opposite, and a naked guy sprawls into view, covered in goo. He looks ecstatic and mumbles stuff.

They enter the room, expecting to see an orgy and are not disappointed. A large pile of men and women all naked are piled writhing in the room. The balcony guy, Trammel they assume, is sat naked on a chair taking it all in. Disgusted they see two gas-masked, humanoid forms standing at the back of the room, one with a gun, the other with a bucket.

In between the two is a huge, animate mouth coming out of the bricks of the wall.
Curvaceous red lips surround a jangle of bad teeth. Drool pours out of the corners of the mouth onto the floor, and a thick grey tongue is joining in the orgy. They are shocked, but regain in time to shoot the two gas-masked figures.

The mouth whips it’s tongue back in, and says “Interesting, are you here to rescue or revenge?” They shoot into the mouth, bullets seemingly making no damage. The orgy continues unaffected, Trammels is slowly focussing on the events.

The mouth’s tongue flies out in anger, hitting Fox hard, coating his clothes in saliva. He’s hurt. The speed and suddenness of the attack shocks and scares them and they run.

“Come back and see me again!” the mouth calls after them, happily.

At the top of the stairs a small mouth has appeared in the wall, it curses them and spits acid into their faces.

They run out of the house, a guard challenges them, but Fox shoots him in the head and they get back to the car, with the books.

Without stopping they rush back to the hotel, grab their stuff and Martin, onto the plane and fly all the way back to New York, barely stopping to refuel.

Fox is wide-eyed, Phipps is practically catatonic, only Kent seems to be unaffected. Martin tries to get them to explain what happened…



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